2 In 1 Globe For Kids | Review & Giveaway | Earth & Constellations

We have a great new giveaway today, including a review for this 2 in 1 globe which is great for kids. The globe features both the earth and the constellations. How does it do that I hear you ask? Well there’s a clever LED light that magically changes the map of the earth into a map of the stars and their constellations. The globe is part of the Brainstorm toys range which you can see more of their products reviewed over here – Outdoor Adventure Toys

This Giveaway has now ended you can purchase this globe here *affiliate link – will cost you no extra.

2 In 1 Globe For Kids | Review & Giveaway | Earth & Constellations
2 in 1 Globe (boxed)

2 in 1 Globe Earth & Constellations

Map of the World

We have recently had to take our sons map of the world down off the wall. I was looking to replace it with a globe featuring a map of the world. So when I was approached to review this product including one to giveaway to my readers I jumped at the chance. It’s perfect for our inquisitive child. I don’t want him to grow up with no knowledge of the countries that make up our great planet. I believe that as a family that love to travel it’s a necessary part of our travels to know where these countries are.

2 In 1 Globe For Kids | Review & Giveaway | Earth & Constellations
Finding different countries that make up our world

The map of the world is very colourful and perfect for young eyes. Each country is written in bold type with the capital city indicated with a star, plus a few other major cities. All the seas and oceans are also indicated on the globe including some natural features such as lakes and rivers. It is lightweight so easy for kids to pick up and look at. The scale of the map is 1:55,900,00 and is 22.8cm in width. The recommended age is 8+. Our son is almost 5 and he can read the country names and loves the way in which the globe turns from earth to stars.

2 In 1 Globe For Kids | Review & Giveaway | Earth & Constellations
Transforming into the stars

Map of the constellations

If you move the globe into a darker room or if the room itself starts to darken the globe magically transforms from a map of the world into a map of the stars and it’s constellations. The constellations are indicated with both their Latin and common names. The globe transforms with the help of LED illumination and a light sensor. Your child can put the globe on a windowsill at night time and spot the constellations via the globe. It also makes an attractive night light.

The globe transformed into constellations

Our son was absolutely fascinated with how the map of the world transformed before his eyes into a map of the constellations. It’s so clever and like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I’m looking forward to being able to point more out to him and helping him to remember where countries, oceans and more are located.


The product does not come with any batteries or a power supply. Either (or both) will need to be purchased for the magic to work. You will need an AC/DC adaptor (exact specifications are given in the instructions) or 4 x C 1.5v LR14 batteries.

2 In 1 Globe For Kids | Review & Giveaway | Earth & Constellations

Giveaway ended

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Good Luck

2 in 1 Globe – Map of World and Constellations for Kids

Disclaimer: We were provided a 2 in 1 Globe for the purpose of this review. We are also being provided with one globe for the giveaway.

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2 In 1 Globe For Kids | Review & Giveaway | Earth & Constellations


  1. I absolutely love to travel anywhere, it’s my absolute favourite pass time and actually we very much live our lives like a bucket list too, I’d just never really thought of it in those terms. I love your blog! Anyway, I love to visit Malta. I just love the feel of the place, there’s something about it that I can’t quite put my finger on, but it’s amazing!

  2. Italy because the natural scenery is beautiful and then there is so much lovely art to see

  3. Iceland,such a pure and clean country,with so much to do, especially delightful at the Blue Lagoon, when there is snow all around.

  4. I absolutely love to visit spain. I love the culture, the people, the language, the food, the fiestas, everything! My grandparents live there so I guess I’m a little biased!

  5. New Zealand! We went there as part of our backpacking trip pre settling down. It was amazing, so much to see and do and so many ways to explore the country. We even got engaged out there! We have always said that we would love to take the children there when they are older, hire a camper van and take them to some of the places we went to (they would love the overlander railway) and to explore some places we couldn’t fit in (would love to explore the far North and the far South).

  6. America, going this summer and I can’t wait to introduce my hubby to their extra large way of life!

  7. I love traveling and have been to over fifty countries so far. Honestly all of them have been great and I would love to go back to many of them and to visit more.I do have a particular soft spot for China though as that is where I met my wife and we go back regularly to see her family.

  8. USA. I have been to a handful of cities here and the people are always smiling, there’s a true amalgamation of cultures, great infrastructure and all kinds of terrain.

  9. I haven’t been out of the UK since I was 2 but I’ve always wanted to go to Amsterdam and finally have decided to go this year!

  10. I love Greece and all of her islands. There is just so much history and each island has something different to offer.

  11. My favourite travel memories are of India. Rich in spirituality, a real sense of family, incredible and creative food, stunningly beautiful and just so many cultures side by side.

  12. I haven’t actually visited there…yet… but have done so many virtual tours and can’t wait until I go one day! That place is New York and it’s my dream

  13. We loved visiting Morocco and seeing the different culture and the mix of religion and creed wrapped up in Marrakech x

  14. France because two of my lovely grandchildren live there. The food and wine’s not bad either!

  15. i would like to go to venice, the fact that a whole town floats on water is fascinating to me x

  16. Australia – I lived there for a year and I just fell in love with the scenery, the outdoor lifestyle & the laid back people.

  17. ive never travelled further than france but theres many places id love to visit, America, Canada, Australia, europe

  18. USA so many different things to see, love the theme parks, love Vegas, Hawaii is beautiful, just a real nice place to go

  19. Greece, not the islands but the mainland I love Athens.Plaka district of Athens is amazing at night

  20. I’ve not travelled much, but I enjoy exploring the UK. So many hidden treasures right on our doorstep! 🙂

  21. My favourite country to visit is Turkey; I love the people, the food, the history, the landscape and especially the diving in the small seaside town of Kas!

  22. I’ve never been but I would love to visit one of the South Pacific Islands …. just the sheer, natural beauty and the laid back culture.
    Though there are still so many places in the UK I would still like to visit.

  23. I love to visit the USA. So different depending on which state you visit. Something for everyone.

  24. What is your favourite country to visit and why’?‘
    where do l begin?
    the people
    the culture
    the colours
    the varied scenery
    the cuisine
    l could make an infinite list

  25. Egypt becaise its beautiful and the pyramids are stunning and full of history which im interested in.

  26. The Maldives because it is paradise on earth and the seas are teeming with fish to swim with and photograph

  27. Croatia. Beautiful country, fantastic weather, lovely people, delicious food, you can walk around and feel safe.

  28. New Zealand because I love the remoteness and dramatic scenery, plus it has beautiful clear skies for stargazing

  29. I like the UK because there are so places here that no-one visits as they’d rather go abroad.

  30. Japan. Unique architecture and countryside. Beautiful designs, delicious and healthy food.

  31. France, the weather, the people, the food, the culture, the landscape, so so beautiful! I would move there in a heartbeat!

  32. Italy:: history, culture, food & wine, sunshine, beaches , mountains and our favourite city that keeps drawing us back – Venice

  33. I love Mexico and the Mayan culture. I have visited Chichen Itza Mayan temple during the autumn equinox when the shadow of a snake climbs down the pyramid, absolutely amazing, plus of course tasty Mexican food!

  34. Italy, fabulous country, great people, delicious food, the best ice-cream and loads of history to look and follow

  35. Spain – the people are so friendly, especially towards children – and I love the food!

  36. Canada – the hiking & sight seeing trips are amazing! Plus they have great White water rafting lol

  37. we visit France every year to see relatives and it is by far the best place I have ever visited, the country side is simply beautiful and the food divine

  38. New Zealand is my favourite because it is friendly, English-speaking and has a diverse and beautiful landscape.

  39. Italy because i am half Italian not been since a child! we are taking the kids first time abroad!

  40. i like visiting USA, just to gawp at how supersized everything is and how it is similar to home yet so different

  41. France is our favourite at the moment, close so we can drive, lots of castles and places to visit, gorgeous scenery and a Disneyland visit on our way home!

  42. I would have to say Spain as I used to study in Madrid and I absolutely fell in love with the city. I love the food and speak fluent Spanish so that helps too.

  43. I loved Croatia when I visited there. culture, food, people…and of course the lovely weather! x

  44. Norway. Fabulous scenery, beautiful cities, lovely people and great air. Super expensive but totally worth it.

  45. It’s been a very long time since I went abroad, of all the places I went to I always had a soft spot for the non-tourist parts of North East Majorca, probably very different now.

  46. Hong Kong because the weather is good and the food is delicious, plus I have loads of family and friends who live there.

  47. What a lovely thing!
    My favourite country to visit is Iceland- wonderful countryside, fascinating history and rich myths that still seem to be kept alive and revered, friendly locals and the chance to see the northern lights. I love to travel, but Iceland really captured my imagination and stole my heart like no other place and I would love to go back.

  48. Canada! It’s a beautiful place, always lovely people and wonderful places. Hope to live there one day

  49. Italy, as really enjoyed visit there. Wonderful weather, fantastic food and the Italians we met were ever so friendly ;- Really sociable by communicating with us. Even when we did not speak Italian, and they spoke no English. Gestures were used, etc. Also was lovely when Italian family were interacting with us, and the children were singing in Italian, we recognised the tune and we all joined in with the actions of Head and Shoulders…. Such fun.

  50. I’ve not traveled much however I hope to one day! My favourite place to explore so far has been Scotland. I love the highlands and the architecture.

  51. I love travelling but one of my favourite places is France as thats where my husband andI went on our honeymoon

  52. My favourite country to visit is Scotland because it has some beautiful scenery, and such amazing wildlife!

  53. I love to go to Wales because it’s got everything: castles, lovely beaches, mountains and valleys. I’m afraid it always seems to rain when I go but it doesn’t matter as the countryside is so beautiful.

  54. For me, it as to be America, I just love the place. Its so vibrant, and everything is so big, it can feel overwhelming but I just love the country. There are so many places/states to visit, it never gets boring or repetitive. Obviously, Disneyworld Orlando is a big favourite of our family for obvious reasons. I’m looking forward to a visit to New York one day soon!

  55. Iceland, where I was born. Its is so different from anywhere else and I can see my family.

  56. My favourite country to visit is the USA because of how diverse it is as a country. There are a massive range of cultures and traditions that differ between states. I love how one countries weather can vary so much too, from the icy Alaska to the sunny California.

  57. My favourite country to visit is Italy, for the culture, such as the art galleries, and the cuisine, such as the pizzas!

  58. My favourite place is Taiwan. It’s so different, loads to see and do, the food is great and the people are so nice.

  59. New Zealand – small butthey have everything – mountains , beaches , volcanoes – and I am all for nature exploring x

  60. america. lovely food and places. plus i get t see my brother who emigrated there 8 years ago

  61. I love Italy. Lots of great cities and villages and plenty to keep you occupied no matter what your interests.

  62. I love Europe, i ve not been many places in the world, when i was younger my grandad took us to see the war graves in Belgium, and France, so proud he was of these great men that fought to keep us safe. One place of my bucket list to take my four children to see them, the beautiful landscape of europe, i’d love to travel further, see New Zealand too, My husband was in the forces and has travelled lots of places, unfortunately i have progressive MS and he had to give in work to be my carer, so we live everyday for now. But one day i will

  63. My own country – Scotland. I just love the place, so much to see and various activities depending on your lifestyle.

  64. I love Spain especially the South where the climate is excellent for most of the year. The people are lovely and I thoroughly enjoy the Spanish tapas and wine. A truly family friendly country.

  65. Jamaica as my parents are there so part of my heart is there with them! It is also a wonderful place in it’s own right. I’m hoping to get out there soon! We have family all over the world So the globe would be a good way of connecting us all & talk about who’s where etc. ♡Thanks for the opportunity♡

  66. I´m a Portuguese woman living in Scotland. I love to be in the two countries, i’m lucky i love them both!

  67. My favourite country to visit is England. I love all the varied adventures we can have right here in our back yard 🙂 The flat marshes of the Fens has an array of migrating birds and stunning sunsets. there’s the Norfolk broads, fabulous beaches in Cornwall, lots of history throughout the country. So much to see and do.

  68. We love France, friendly people and very welcoming to visitors. Beautiful countryside and their food is scrumptious

  69. Love Greece, such different scenery to the UK and so much history, something for everyone!

  70. I love Turkey so much so Ive been once this year already two more to go, when my son was younger we did a lot of sight seeing but now we just go away to relax, love the people there,will go to any lengths to make you feel welcome

  71. Outer Hebrides Islands in Scotland as they have everything, nature, wildlife, stunning views, white sandy beaches to yourself x

  72. Netherlands – so clean, family friendly, not too overcrowded, and great public services and public transport

  73. I would love to visit New Zealand, it just looks so beautiful and as crowds upset me, its lovely and secluded

  74. South Africa : best food; the BIG 5 animals in the world; beautiful places to see; and most of all….. my family are there.

  75. Spain. It’s got so many different cultures and is totally different in one area to the next. You can bask in the sun in Catalonia yet see snow capped mountains at the same time. It’s beautiful

  76. my favourite country out of all the places ive visited is Thailand, the beaches are beautiful, it is rich with culture and there is so many delicious places to eat. The people of Thailand are so friendly and the country has such a lovely atmosphere

  77. I visited the Bahamas when I was almost 19 many, many moons ago and it was soooo lovely and relaxing there. We were met with a power cut within a short period of time but that didn’t bother Mum and I as we took it in our stride. And our trip out to Blue Lagoon Island was fab as we met two gorgeous dogs who stayed with us whilst we lounged about in our hammocks. They were that friendly towards us, other holiday makers thought we lived there!

  78. Malta is my favourite.The history is fascinating,the weather is perfect and the food is lovely.

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