Getting Snack Time Sorted With Fruit Bowl

I don’t know about you but since my son got a bit older we have been stuck in a bit of a snack rut. He’s outgrown a lot of the toddler snacks as to him he “feels like a baby eating them”. Well, so he says. So we have been a bit lazy and when snack time comes around I’ve been handing him crisps, biscuits, sweets. All the while feeling guilty as I know he will eat products that are better for him. But I like him to feel like he’s getting a proper treat. When I was contacted by Fruit Bowl with the offer of some samples for us and some for a giveaway I jumped at the opportunity. We give them two thumbs up, they are so tasty and make a perfect snack, breakfast or lunchtime accompaniment.

*This is a Collaboration with Fruit Bowl – Please scroll down for GIVEAWAY

Getting Snack Time Sorted With Fruit Bowl

Fruit Bowl snacks are perfect not just for children but adults as well. Instead of reaching for a chocolate bar I’ve been reaching for one of their snack bags. I especially love the Strawberry Yogurt flakes. They have a great and tasty variety of delicious Fruit Flakes, Yogurt Flakes and Raisins, School Bars and Fruit Peelers. These are perfect for fussy eaters and those that can’t resist unhealthy temptations. For me it’s convenience and these snacks truly are convenient as well as contributing towards your 5 a day.

They are so convenient for grabbing for the school pick up run and handing to my son in the car. The packs are also perfect for popping in my bag for an on the go snack on one of our days out or in a pack up for lunch. Most of the Fruit Bowl snacks are also great for popping on your cereal in the morning or adding to your baking.

GIVEAWAY – I have two of each 5 pack of the products in the photo above to giveaway. The products are worth around Β£25. This is a great opportunity to try these great snacks for yourselves. Please see the end of this post for how to enter. It’s really simple.

Fruit Bowl Snacks

5 Pack Strawberry Yogurt Flakes

These are my favourites. You get 5 21g packs in a bag.
“Fruit pieces made with concentrated apple and strawberry purees in a yoghurt flavoured coating”. Natural colours and flavours.
(Allergens milk and wheat)
95kcal per bag

Getting Snack Time Sorted With Fruit Bowl
Strawberry Yogurt Flakes

5 Raspberry School Bars

“Fruit bars made with dried and concentrated pureed apple and fruit juices”. 5 x 20g bars.
No added sugar.
(Allergens: Sulphites).
69kcal per bar.

5 pack Blackcurrant Flakes

“Flakes made with concentrated fruit purees and fruit juices.” 18g bag.
(Allergens: wheat).
58kcal per bag.

5 Blackcurrant Peeler Octopus bars

My son loves these the most and they are perfect for an end of school day snack. 16g bar.
“Fruit snack made from concentrated apple puree, strawberry puree and fruit juices”.
Natural flavouring.
(Gluten free and suitable for vegetarians)
51kcal per peeler bar.

Blackcurrant peeler Octopus
Blackcurrant peeler Octopus

5 pack Apple School Bars

Literally, my son did not want this bar to end. He said it was one of the tastiest things ever and was sad to hear I didn’t have another one for him. 20g bar.
“Fruit bar made with dried and concentrated pureed apple and concentrates”.
(Allergens: sulphites).
69kcal per bar.

Getting Snack Time Sorted With Fruit Bowl

5 pack Juicy Yogurt Raisins

“Juicy raisins in a yoghurt flavoured coating.” 25g bag.
(Allergens: Milk).
114kcal per bag.


To enter please comment your answer below to the following question – “What are you most excited about this summer?   This is mandatory and without a comment, your entry will not count. Once you have commented this will open up other chances to win and increase your chance of winning.

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  2. The successful winner will be drawn on the 6th of August 2019. We will contact you via email and we will need your full name and email address for the prizes to be sent to you.
  3. Your entry will require you to enter an email address. The winner will be contacted via email. Your email address will not be passed onto any other parties and will not be used for any marketing purposes.
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  9. The winner of the family ticket will be chosen at random by Gleam. 
  10. As mentioned above your first entry will be answering the question  β€˜What are you most excited about this summer?   This is mandatory. Anyone who enters without answering this question as a blog comment will be disqualified.
  11. Other chances to win will be offered once you have answered this question. This will give you extra chances to win, thus increasing your chances

Good Luck

WIN 12 PACKS of FRUIT BOWL SNACKS (5 in each pack)


  1. I’m excited about playing on the beach with my kids and our dog Ollie. We’ll be making sandcastles and having fish and chips and ice cream for dinner.

  2. I’m on maternity leave and really excited about spending my older child’s last week’s before school with him before I go back to work

  3. I’m excited about having a BBQ for my dad’s birthday next weekend! I hope the good weather holds out!!

  4. honestly my kids learning to be together again and playing nicely, it takes about a week but it’s lovely when it happens

  5. Spending time with my nephews doing lots of fun stuff…getting them all excited and then handing them back to their parents.

  6. My son is 18 in August, so big party. These would be for my Grandchildren (from another son!) .

  7. We’re going away with friends of ours and their children to a cabin in the woods with a hot tub! So looking forward to the time away πŸ™‚

  8. I’m most excited about spending quality time with both of my daughters and husband before my eldest daughter starts ‘big school’. We have lots of exciting events planned and can’t wait for the upcoming weeks!

  9. I’m excited about spending quality time with the kids and making memories. I love having them off school even if i am beginning to pull my hair out towards the end of the six weeks.

  10. I am most excited to spend as much time doing as many different activities as possible with my stepdaughters and the dog and my hubby before bump becomes baby πŸ˜€

  11. I am looking forward to spending time outdoors with my grandchildren. Visiting the beach, parks and exploring in the woods.

  12. The kids (big and small) love these, perfect timing, all ready for the summer break and lots of picnics.

  13. Days out with the children exploring new places and not having to lug coats and umbrellas around with us.

  14. We have a holiday booked in 2 weeks time to look forward to, love spending time with the kids and the pool and beach!

  15. We had 3 weeks end of May start June in Bali. So summer at home enjoying bbq with friends and family

  16. Days out with my son. We went to Felixstowe on Friday, which was somewhere new for us. It felt a bit like being on holiday.

  17. I am looking forward to lighter evenings so I can sit out in my garden on weekdays after work! It is so nice to have a relaxing evening outside

  18. We’re looking forward to spending lots of fantastically family friendly fun time together exploring new and exciting places

  19. We are really looking forward to a gruffalo hunt in the local woodland, with nanny. My four love going into the woods x

  20. I am most excited about having some days off in a couple of weeks, going for a lovely day out with a meal and drinks. We are going on holiday later in the year

  21. Days out at all the agricultural shows! Especially as it doesn’t look like we’ll be paddling in the mud πŸ™‚

  22. long walks at the beach – even when these will be day trips only, I really love the sea breeze πŸ™‚

  23. Taking my little boy to the beach, he’s only 2 so it’s still all new and exciting for him! πŸ’–

  24. I’m looking forward to long walks with the dogs, picnics, trips to the beach and lots of BBQ’s

  25. I am looking forward to making memories with my girls, days out at the seaside, park and picnics. X

  26. Seeing the family. In the summer the family all come down and it’s great for my girls to meet up with all their cousins and family.

  27. We are really looking forward to our first ever trip to Orlando, Florida. We are excited to be visiting Disney World and Universal Studios.

  28. I am going to visit some national Trust properties in a couple of weeks time so looking forward to that.

  29. We’ve already had our summer holiday for this year. Looking forward to catching up with friends and family and hopefully if the weather holds out some time in the pool and maybe even a barbecue!

  30. Relaxing, not having to rush out on school runs, getting some quality time with the kids before having to do my third year at University.

  31. we are taking my sons to longleat safari park for a surprise day out soon im secretly looking forward to it more than im letting on πŸ™‚

  32. I was excited about the 50 anniversary of landings on the moon – I remember it as a child, and I was allowed to stay up to watch it.

  33. I am excited about just enjoying the simple things in life this summer. Making memories with days at the beach, picnics, watching the kids play in the paddling pool πŸ™‚

  34. Trying to catch up on tidying up the house (only moved in easter) but with 2 boys that is not easy, we have been swimming and lots of walking and a camping holiday in yorkshire next week to look forward to

  35. Excited about going to my dads for a week in Surrey Walton on Thames with my family in 2 weeks time

  36. Hopefully getting to see my son’s godmother and her family, as she is a teacher we don’t get much time out of the school holidays

  37. My niece is visiting us for 2 weeks this summer and I can’t wait! I don’t have many family members coming for a visit as I come from abroad (visa and expensive flight tickets required) so, all of us, my husband, our little ones and I bursting with excitement ☺.

  38. We’re off to Rome in 3 weeks for a family holiday. We haven’t been to Italy before so we’re very excited about it!

  39. We’ve had our family holiday now but I’m still looking forward to some days out we’ve got planned

  40. This is my son’s very first summer so I am enjoying experiencing everything with him for the first time.

  41. I’m excited about picnicking on the beach and admiring the stunning sunsets that fill our huge Suffolk skies

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