Print Your Summer Memories with Cheerz

Are you looking to print off your holiday memories for yourself or as a gift? Cheerz can offer a rapid service which is perfect for gifts. Our order arrived just a few days after we placed it which is pretty much unheard of for personalised prints. They were also really simple to upload and edit which again cut down on our time online and the effort sometimes involved in ordering prints and other printable items.

I have a £50 gift card from Cheerz for one of my lucky readers to spend on their website which you can redeem on anything on their website. Please see the end of this post to enter our giveaway, including our terms and conditions. Good luck!

Ordering From Cheerz

There is plenty of ways to have your photos printed via Cheerz. Their website offers photo books, photo scrapbooks which you can order your own photos to stick in the book yourself. We ordered a Small scrapbook which I will tell you more about below. You can also order calendars, photo prints (retro, classic, square and photo booth). Plus fridge magnets, canvas prints, special memory boxes (I ordered the Big Fat box which again I will tell you more about below) and wall decor.

I chose to order prints from our holiday to Florida earlier on in the year especially for my son. I wanted them to be easy for him to look through, to be able to easily get out when he wanted and to be fun, bright and long-lasting.

To order from them you simply set up an account online. Then you can select the product you would like to order and click to create your product. This will then take you to a web page to upload your photos. Once your photos have uploaded you can click to personalise them. This can be the look of the photo such as brightness etc. You also have the option to crop and resize and some of the products you can personalise with your own text.

Print Your Summer Memories with Cheerz
Editing your Uploaded Photos is really simple and quick

It’s easy to save as you are going along and edit your products at any point in the ordering process.

The Small Scrapbook

One of the products I chose for my son was the small scrapbook. The book has a hard cover and is DIY in design as you can put your photos in the book yourselves. Each page has two adhesive stickers. You simply peel the paper off and stick your chosen photo on top. This is great for those who can never seem to add photos in the right order when adding them to a photo book. Each page has thick black paper which is really robust and highlights the look of your photos.

The Small Scrapbook from Cheerz
The Small Scrapbook from Cheerz

The small scrapbook is available to buy from £21.00. This includes 20 prints which you can personalise with your own text. The book measures 17,5×17,5cm. The photos themselves are 10×8,5cm and are printed on Fujifilm high quality paper. The book also comes with a white pen to write with in the book and if you are particularly creative you could add drawn images on the pages. I will have a go at this when the little fella has gone back to school.

This product is available for delivery within 5 working days and 3 working days if you opt for the express service.

Looking through the Small Scrapbook
Looking through the Small Scrapbook

The Big Fat Box

As my son loves to look at and feel real photos I also ordered him the big fat box. This is a really good quality box that is easy to open. Inside there is a smaller box which holds your prints which again you can personalise easily online. It’s perfect for printing out your favourite snaps so that you can free some memory on your phone. It’s also perfect for looking through easily.

Print Your Summer Memories with Cheerz
The Big Fat Box from Cheerz

The box is priced from £26.00 and for this you will receive the box and 75 photos. You can add up to 200 photos to your box (the price for this will increase accordingly). The box is 12cm long and the prints are either 10x10cm or 10x8cm. This product is available for delivery within 3 days or you can select a 1 day express service for an additional cost.

Inside the Big Fat Box

Print Your Summer Memories with Cheerz

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It is So Simple to Enter:     Your chance to win a £50 Gift Voucher to Spend at Cheerz

Please enter by answering the question below, in the comments ‘’What is your favourite memory from your summer’?‘ This is mandatory. Anyone who enters without answering this question as a blog comment will be disqualified. Once you have entered more options to increase your chances of winning will be made available. Please read the rules of entry below.

Terms and Condition for entering the Giveaway

  1. Open to UK residents only. Anyone entering from outside the UK will be disqualified
  2. The successful winner will be drawn on the 14th September 2018. We will contact you via email with your gift voucher number.
  3. Your entry will require you to enter an email address. The winner will be contacted via email. Your email address will not be passed onto any other parties and will not be used for any marketing purposes.
  4. All entries by 11:59PM 14th September 2018 (London)
  5. By submitting an entry through Gleam all entrants are acknowledging and accepting the terms and conditions for the giveaway.
  6. Each Gleam entry is a single entry into the giveaway and stands alone as such.
  7. Entries using any software or automated process to make bulk entries will be disqualified.
  8. The competition may be added to a number of sites for the purposes of promotion.
  9. The winner of the family ticket will be chosen at random by Gleam. 
  10. As mentioned above your first entry will be answering the question  What is your favourite memory from your summer’?  This is mandatory. Anyone who enters without answering this question as a blog comment will be disqualified.
  11. Other chances to win will be offered once you have answered this question. This will give you extra chances to win, thus increasing your chances.

Good Luck

£50 Gift Voucher to Spend at Cheerz – Photo Printing


Disclaimer:  We were provided with a £50 gift voucher for ourselves at Cheerz and a £50 gift voucher for our giveaway for the purpose of this post/giveaway and review.

We often run giveaways so please follow us on social media to keep up to date.

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Print Your Summer Memories with Cheerz


  1. I’d probably print my wedding photos – it’s being 6 years

    Or our uk holidays , Scotland & wales which were both amazing

  2. Mine was being surprised with a trip to Rome by my boyfriend for my birthday! It was such an amazing holiday, I’m so lucky!

  3. I don’t have one yet but after going to Thorpe Park on Thursday, And then off to Rhodes in 2 weeks, I will have plenty of favourite memories!

  4. The day my Mum bought a hot tub, since then we have been in it non stop, it’s a great way to relax aching muscles

  5. I used to love haymaking when I was a kid. So much fun. When my kids were little we loved visiting nature places and enjoying exploring.

  6. We (my Partner and I) went to Trent River, and had a lovely picnic, it was red hot and we fell asleep under a tree, was a lovely day

  7. My favourite memory from this summer was arriving in Cyprus and seeing how stunning the villa we were staying in was

  8. Getting married we had an amazing and day an owl delivered the rings and did an air display, the magician boggled everyone’s mind. A local famous sports man was a special guest and the Blues Brothers tribute was fantastic.

  9. We worked together as a family and broke out of an escape room with two minutes to spare! We then celebrated with a pizza hut. Lots of memories made and a great family photo captured!

  10. Has to be be our trip to the beach of the suffolk coast. Miles away from anywhere and hardly a sole on it. Was beautiful

  11. Mine is when my daughter came back from university, it was lovely to see her again and have her home for the summer.

  12. My favourite memory was deciding to get a puppy and then looking for and choosing the pup, who we have decided to call Zeus. We don’t have him yet as he isn’t old enough but we will be getting him in September.

  13. My favourite memory from this summer is going to Haydock Park watching horse racing and a pop concert featuring Plan B

  14. Celebrating my 21st at the top of The Shard with my lovely boyfriend, it was a complete surprise and I truly felt on top of the world! Lovely giveaway x

  15. Taking our 3 grandsons away to Norfolk for a mid week break. It was fantastic seeing them all together and having such a good time.

  16. Going to The Holy Island of Lindisfarne, whilst on holiday in Northumberland. Such a beautiful place.

  17. Owww that’s easy….seeing my sisters kids for the first time in 5 yrs….they had all been living abroad and the time had gone so slowly….this summer was the best ever as I had so much time with them and the weather was wonderful ??

  18. We went on a camping trip with our 3 year old, and he was truly loving life in the tent 🙂 So many fab memories, I love some of the ideas you’ve got here

  19. I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of amazing memories this summer but starting a new relationship with the greatest guy definitely tops most of them

  20. My favourite summer memory was getting married in Wales, it was the perfect day, just me, my husband, daughter and parents.

  21. Teaching my 7 year old stepdaughter to ride last sunday.. literally 2 days before she went back to school and she did it on her first try. Let go and she flew all the way around the park without stopping and without falling off. Since then shes gained so much confidence its unreal. Just a week ago this was a child who was so scared of going quick with stabilisers on her bike that going uphill she would pull her brakes saying she was going to fast lol! by this friday when we picked her up from school she was voluntarily flying down the little grassy hilly verge around the park at speed screaming weee… oh my god that was so much fun!! please let me do it again lol even though we hadnt said she couldnt needless to say one very proud daddy and stepmum xx

  22. My favourite memory of the summer was being able to go bodyboarding at the local beach in sea so warm I didn’t need my wetsuit – it was glorious!

  23. We had a lovely holiday in corfu. My son is 15 and i have a feeling this may have been our last holiday with him as a child as he’s growing up so fast and will probably not want to come with us next year and this makes me so sad.

  24. It sounds odd, but my daughter finding a birds egg in our local park. She was so amazed by the egg and how delicate it was. She took it to reception and did a show and tell.

  25. We went to a nearby country park and the kids had a lovely day, it was just meant to be a morning out to get some fresh air, but they made so many memories, it turned out to be one of our best days.

  26. We had a lovely family holiday in North Wales. Loved every second of it & got some amazing pictures so this prize would be perfect x

  27. A spontaneous big family water fight is my favourite memory, not the longest, not the most expensive but my favourite nevertheless

  28. We had some amazing beach days this summer. Our children laughing as they got their legs burried in the sand is my favourite summer moment.

  29. Took my 2 little ones to Chepstow racecourse and we saw Andy day from cbeebies live doing his Dino raps was brilliant

  30. Taking my first flight and holiday as a family of 3 with my partner and baby girl. We went to the ring of Kerry in south west Ireland and it was fabulous. My fave memory there was seeing my partner playing with our baby on the beach and her face when she dipped her toes in the sea for the first time. She was amazed 🙂

  31. We went to the Devon Cliffs Haven site a couple of weeks ago, the best moment was seeing our boys faces meeting Bradley Bear and Rory the tiger for the first time! They had such an amazing time!

  32. Printing my wedding photos out from 2011 ?

    Has to be a when we went to spend time with family we hadn’t seen for nearly 3 years, love making new memories x

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