The Snowman Tour | A Magical Live Orchestra Review | Hull

We applied with a large number of bloggers for review tickets to see the Snowman on it’s tour of the UK. It is something that I really wanted to take Jamie to see in 2016 so to go to see it and review it in 2017 was top of my list. I was delighted when we were accepted and honestly I would have gone anyway regardless of being accepted, as it was part of our bucket list. The good news is that although the tour has now finished you will be able to go and see it over Christmas in 2018.

For details of the 2018 tour please head on over to – The Snowman Tour Details 2018, Live Orchestra Performance. The Snowman was recently voted one of the top 15 festive family events in the UK by Netmums.

Where can you expect to see the Snowman tour?

The 2017 tour found itself in some stunning locations. Such as Cathedrals and churches, historic halls and ballrooms. Not all of the performances were the same however they do all feature The Snowman on a big screen accompanied by a live and professional orchestra.

Your Child can join in too

While you are sitting waiting for the performance they show snowman artwork drawn by children and submitted by an adult. My head has been up in the clouds and I totally forgot to submit something by Jamie but luckily he didn’t realise that he was kind of missing out. So if you do go I urge you to get your kids drawing snowmen and submit their work via Carrot Productions website before the show of your choice.

The Snowman Tour | A Magical Live Orchestra Review | Hull
Children’s artwork pre performance


About Hull City Hall

This was the last date of the tour and I could sense that the orchestra were a little sad that this was the last one. It seemed that they had all formed friendships and this showed through when they played together.

Although I used to live locally to Hull I had never been to the City Hall before to see a show. To be honest I’d walked past it many times and never even realised that it’s a venue. It’s located in Queen Victoria square near Princess Quay and has a few car parks local to it. The Hall is very grand inside and clearly, has some history to it. They have a small balcony level plus seating down on the floor. We were about 10 rows back and although Jamie usually can’t see without a booster seat he had a good view of the orchestra and screen and this was with adults sitting in front of him.

The Snowman Tour | A Magical Live Orchestra Review | Hull
The architecture within Hull City Hall

There was a small bar to purchase drinks before the performance with limited sweet snacks. They also had Snowman merchandising available to buy. We purchased some ice-cream at £2.50 a pot each during the interval.


The Build Up

Before the performance starts the orchestra start taking their seats and tuning their instruments. This was fascinating for Jamie as he has an orchestra book at home which plays various instruments. So to hear them live was very exciting for him.

The performance then started with a medley of Christmas songs which was fun and upbeat. Following this, the orchestra’s instruments were introduced with a fun piece connected to a train journey. This was one of our favourite parts of the show. The instruments playing together sounded unreal. It was really magical listening to them and picking out the different sounds from the 26 pieces. It was also really impressive how the conductor had everyone playing perfectly in time to the images being shown on the big screen. That must take a lot of skill and talent.


The Bear and Piano

This is not a book that I am familiar with however it is a lovely story that was acted out with music and pictures. It had such a beautiful and heartwarming story to it. It isn’t that long now since we inherited my Dad’s piano so it was a very apt piece for us. The bear finds a piano in the woods and with each day practising he gets better and better. He becomes so good at playing the piano that he moves to the big smoke and soon he is playing on stage to thousands of people. At the end he returns to the woods and is sad to think his friends have forgotten him. In fact he couldn’t be more wrong as they’ve all been following his amazing career.

The story did not need words. The pictures and the orchestra told the story with warmth and ease.

The Snowman Tour | A Magical Live Orchestra Review | Hull
The Bear and Piano

After this piece, the lights went up and The Snowman himself came out waltzing around the lower floor. He waltzed up and down the aisles much to the delight of the children. Jamie’s face was an absolute picture. The snowman moved so fast that I’m afraid my photo isn’t going to win any competitions. My hopes for 2018 is that the snowman will have a bigger role and time out in the audience. Possibly even with a photo opportunity after the show (Jamie’s suggestion).

The Snowman Waltz

The first section of the show lasted for approx. 40 minutes. After a 15 minute interval, the orchestra took their seats once more for the main reason we were all there. I do believe that not all performances had an interval.

The Snowman Tour Performance

The final half was the classic and much-loved story of The Snowman. There were many people there without children because this story resonates with so many of us. You don’t need to have a young person with you to appreciate the story because we are all young at heart and most of us have a special place in our hearts for this animation. I know I’m not just talking about myself when I say that.

The music is even more so a part of the story than on the animated film. The hall was filled with the beautiful music and the orchestra did a fabulous job of playing the iconic score. Jamie was absolutely gripped and aside from a few coughs, there were no screaming or impatient children to be heard anywhere.

Each venue used a local soloist and a young girl had been chosen for this performance. Her voice was absolutely beautiful and a real credit to the show. The audience loved her and she was given an extra special loud applause at the end.

Overall the performance was not the easiest of things to photograph but I hope my words have captured what I want to convey to you. And that is that if you are looking for something truly magical and a great experience for all the family at Christmas time then this is the tour for you. Plus we ticked something off our bucket list.

Disclaimer: We were provided with complimentary tickets for the show in exchange for an honest review. All words and photos are entirely my own.

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The Snowman Tour | A Magical Live Orchestra Review | Hull


  1. Ah that sounds amazing – no wonder you desperately wanted to go! I really love The Snowman and a huge part of it for me is the music, so this would have been wonderful to see/listen to! And Mr Snowman himself making an appearance sounds delightful!

  2. I love the Snowman. We watched it in the West End two years ago, my daughter was absolutely enthralled by it, especially when the snowman and the boy started flying! It’s magical isn’t it? Would love to watch it again.

  3. This looks incredible, I didn’t even know that they did this! My son would love this, definitely having a google and seeing if there is anything like this near us next year

  4. Wow it sounds so magical for kids!!! There is so much entertainment, I particularly love that they show the kids artwork before it all starts. What a lovely experience! 🙂 X

  5. Yes – I was there, and lucky enough to see /hear a full auditorium hear my daughter sing ‘walking in the air’.
    She smashed it and loved seeing all the smiles as she took her bow!
    Great show.

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