The Snowman Tour Details 2018 | Live Orchestra Performance

We are thrilled to be invited for a second year to be a review blogger for the Carrot Productions UK tour of The Snowman for 2018. Last year we saw the live Orchestra perform the Snowman at Hull City Hall. The tour will not be visiting this location in 2018 however this year we will get to see The Snowman with the stunning back drop of Beverley Minster in East Yorkshire.

Where can you see The Snowman in 2018?

The Snowman tour for 2018 starts in Buxton, Derbyshire at the Octagon on the 3rd of December. Other venues The Snowman will be stopping at for performances are Chesterfield Winding wheel, Sheffield City Hall and Blackburn Cathedral. Then on to Gloucester Cathedral, Winchester Cathedral, Stoke Victoria Hall. Followed by Lichfield Cathedral, Warrington Parr Hall, Chester Cathedral, Beverley Minster, Durham Cathedral and finishing with two performances on the 29th of December at Liverpool Cathedral. I didn’t even know Liverpool had a Cathedral.

You can see from this list that they will be stopping at some very special places and will benefit from some stunning backdrops for the orchestra to perform in front of.

Photo credit © Gareth Widdowson

What to expect from the Performance of The Snowman

One of the most exciting parts of last years tour for my son was watching and listening to the Orchestra warming up. He loved listening to and spotting the different instruments. The orchestra is relatively large and the music is performed live. They have a large screen behind the orchestra that plays animated clips that are perfectly in time with the music. This adds so much to the atmosphere and is great for catching little ones attention. I felt quite moved by the experience, especially as it was the first time that my son had heard a live orchestra.

Photo credit © Gareth Widdowson

Last year there was a medley of upbeat Christmas songs to start the performance. I hope that they will do something similar again this year.

Depending on where you book to see The Snowman there will be a performance piece before that of the famous film. This is either The Bear and the Piano or A Donkey’s tale (see below).

After this expect a ‘live’ Snowman walking around the isles and waving to all the children. At some point there will also be an interval.

The Snowman Tour Details 2018 | Live Orchestra Performance
Photo credit © Gareth Widdowson

The Snowman will be the final part and the highlight of the performance. A quote from last year from myself. “The music is even more so a part of the story than on the animated film. The hall was filled with the beautiful music and the orchestra did a fabulous job of playing the iconic score. Jamie was absolutely gripped and aside from a few coughs there were no screaming or impatient children to be heard anywhere.

Credit © Snowman Enterprises Limited

Each venue used a local soloist and a young girl had been chosen for this performance. Her voice was absolutely beautiful and a real credit to the show. The audience loved her and she was given an extra special loud applause at the end.”

The Bear and the Piano and A Donkey’s Tale

Depending on the venue you will either see a musical performance of the Bear and the piano or A Donkey’s tale.

The Bear and the Piano – “The bear finds a piano in the woods and with each day practicing he gets better and better. He becomes so good at playing the piano that he moves to the big smoke and soon he is playing on stage to thousands of people. At the end he returns to the woods and is sad to think his friends have forgotten him. In fact he couldn’t be more wrong as they’ve all been following his amazing career.

The story did not need words. The pictures and the orchestra told the story with warmth and ease.”

Credit to © David Litchfield Illustration

A Donkey’s Tale – “Written and composed by Daniel Whibley. It’s the heartwarming story of Dillon the Donkey, an ordinary donkey with an extraordinary dream that takes him on a journey that will change his life. Along with a Festive Guide to the Orchestra – featuring some of the UKs top musicians – you can be assured of a truly entertaining show for all ages.”

Watch the Promotional Video


The Snowman at Beverley Minster

The Snowman has three performances on the 27th of December at Beverley Minster in Beverley, East Yorkshire. The performance times are 1:30pm, 4:00pm and 7:00pm.

Tickets are onsale now (link at the top of this post) and are expected to sell out fast. There are a few different ticket pricing levels starting at £10.80 and going up to £21.60 for an adult. Children and seniors are priced lower than this.

Photo Credit © Tom Bangbala

Disclaimer: We have been provided with complimentary tickets for the show in exchange for this post, some promotion and an honest review. All words and photos are entirely my own.

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The Snowman Tour Details 2018 | Live Orchestra Performance

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