Thornwick Bay Beach and Little Thornwick, Flamborough

Thornwick Bay Beach and Little Thornwick
Flamborough, East Riding

Average time spent – 1+ hours.

Things to do at Thornwick Bay Beach and Little Thornwick review

There are four beaches in Flamborough, East Yorkshire, all with varying degrees of steepness and accessibility. The beaches are South landing, North landing, Selwick bay (Flamborough head) and Thornwick Bay. Each provides a very different experience.

Sitting at the top of Thornwick Bay beach is a gorgeous spot for a picnic. There’s plenty of benches or you can just sit on the grass.

Thornwick Bay beach has one of Haven’s larger parks behind it so it can get quite busy when the caravan park is open. When the car park/access is open it costs £1.50 for all-day parking which is great value for money. To get there you simply take a left off the B1255 to the North Landing in Flamborough. The turning is next to the Viking Pub.

The beach allows dogs all year round, there is no lifeguard and no soft sand. It’s a mostly rocky beach with huge rocks and boulders covering most of the shoreline. There is some shingle in both Thornwick Bay Beach and Little Thornwick. It’s a popular spot with snorkelers.

It’s a good beach for spotting sea birds as many nest on the righthand side cliff. We even spotted a puffin which made my day. There are quite a few caves along the shoreline although not all are accessible by foot – even when the tide is out.

There are no facilities down on the beach but when the car park is open the cafe and toilets by the car park are usually open. All paths down to the beaches are steep and very narrow in places. You won’t get a wheelchair nor a buggy down. Also depending on where you head down you may have a huge number of boulders to cross. The tide was out when we visited so we walked all the way around the headland from Thornwick bay to Little Thornwick – this is not easy!

When the tide is out there are a huge number of rockpools. Perfect for paddling in and when the sun is out they are lovely and warm. We didn’t find any crabs, just lots of snails.

Important Information Thornwick Bay Beach

Eating – There is a basic cafe which is usually open when the car park is open.

Facilities in brief – Beach with steep access, there are lots of boulders and rock pools, nesting seabirds and stunning views. There are toilets and a cafe.

Entry price – *Free
*Prices are subject to change. *Free. You can park on the main road for free and walk or park in their car park for £1.50 all-day parking.

OpeningThe beach is accessible all year round although you may have to walk from North Landing or the main road. The car park is seasonal.

Information on accessibility – You can park at the top and admire the view but the beach is not accessible.

Address: Postcode: EH11 1US, Flamborough, East Yorkshire

Category – Beach – Outdoors – Suitable for all ages. Although you may only want to tackle the walk down with confident walkers.

Guide to Visiting Thornwick Bay and Little Thornwick, Flamborough
Guide to Visiting Thornwick Bay and Little Thornwick, Flamborough
Little Thornwick

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