London Zoo

London Zoo

Average time spent – 3+ hours

Things to do at London Zoo review

London Zoo is a wonderful place to visit with children. There are numerous animals to see from lions, monkeys, penguins and more. Visit the walkthrough spider exhibit and see some of these amazing creatures face to face. Are you brave enough? Mine were terrified yet still ventured in albeit very cautiously.

Prefer something with a few less legs? Butterfly Paradise is a large enclosed area where you’ll discover a wonderful range of pretty butterflies and moths. Have them fly past you and maybe even sit on you. We loved this attraction and spent a while in there watching the butterflies fly about and maybe even sit on you.

The kids will love the lions, penguins, and playful otters. Each of the animals is fun to watch and there are also plaques with information should parents want to combine the fun with a little learning.

There are numerous shows to catch so check the times before you go so you can plan your day. Animals have certain feeding times so it might be an idea to check those and get to them early to get a good space.

Experiences of various kinds can also be booked to make your visit an exceptionally memorable experience. Visitors can even stay at the zoo in one of the lodges. You’ll find more details for this and more on the ZSL London Zoo website. 

Children can get hands-on in the Farmyard section. Here they’ll find a range of farm animals that they can feed and pet. We loved this section and the girls didn’t want to leave. The animals seemed to enjoy the kids being there and stroking and attempting to feed them.

Covid 19: Due to current restrictions not everything will be open, or it may be open differently to normal, at the attraction that you are visiting. Please consult their social media accounts, give them a call or visit their website if you can’t find the information you are looking for.

Important Information London Zoo

Eating – There are a number of places you can buy food and snacks from.  Prices are not as expensive as they can be at some theme parks which is great.  Alternatively, you can always take your own food and drink along with you for a cheaper day out.  Prices are not to extortionate compared to some other places.  You will find seating areas for a much-needed break or snack stop. 

Facilities in brief – Zoo with a good variety of animals including lions, penguins, monkeys and more. Plus daily shows, animal experiences, farmyard and butterfly house. There are toilets on-site and a choice of places to eat.

Entry price – *Expensive.
*Prices are subject to change and/or discounts online. *Expensive – An adult ticket costs just under £32 online in advance and just over £22 for a child.

Opening: London Zoo is open for most of the year. For up to date opening times and dates please follow this link.

Dog friendly? Dogs are not permitted.

Information on accessibility

Address: Regent’s Park, Outer Cir, London NW1 4RY, London, England. Phone: 020 7449 6200

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Category – Zoo – Mostly Indoors – suitable for all ages.

London zoo
London zoo
London zoo
London zoo
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