Tour For Muggles Harry Potter Walking Tour London

Tour For Muggles Harry Potter Walking Tour London

Average time spent – 2.5 hours

Tour For Muggles Harry Potter Walking Tour London review

Muggle Tours is a Harry Potter walking tour that takes you around central London showing you all the various locations that have a link to Harry Potter. Whether it’s a film location, an area that inspires the book or one of J.K Rowling’s favourite haunts, you can expect to find it all on this informative and fun walking tour.  

The guides really know their stuff, and will actively encourage you to think of any Harry Potter questions you have to catch them out! Their balance of facts and fun activities make this walk one where you will be laughing as much as you are learning! My personal favourite locations were the real-life inspirations for Knockturn Alley and Diagon Alley, both of which are beautifully unique streets in the city.

Some of the locations might be obvious but others are hidden away, or their usage not obvious. Who knew that so many areas in Westminster had been used for the film! The film locations are hidden all around the city, much like the ministry of magic itself. Look close enough on this tour and you might just find its hidden entrance.

It’s great fun for wizards and witches of all ages, and can easily be included on a trip to platform 9 ¾s at Kings Cross or the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford.  The whole tour is on foot so make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes, and there is a tube trip needed so make sure you bring your oyster card. 

Important Information Tour For Muggles

In brief – Harry Potter themed tour of London taking in many sights from the films.

Cost – *Mid-range
*Prices are subject to change and/or discounts online. *Mid-range. A group tour costs £16 for an adult and £14 for a child under the age of 12. Private tours start at £120.

Opening: The tours run for most of the year from Tuesday until Sunday. For up to date opening times and dates please follow this link.

Information on accessibility – This is a walking tour that is relatively quick-paced and involves stairs and a tube journey, which does not always have step-free access. If this is all ok with you, we welcome you in the tour.

Address: Start London Bridge Tube station and finish at Leicester Square Tube station, London, England. Phone: 07914 151041

Guest post with thanks to Kariss from Shy Strange Manic

Category – Great Outdoors – Walking Tour – Mostly suited to children from 6 years plus.

Tour for Muggles
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Tour for Muggles
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Tour for Muggles

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