Hexham, Northumberland

Average visit time – 2-3 hours

Things to do at Vindolanda review

Vindolanda was a Roman auxiliary fort located just south of Hadrian’s wall in Northumberland. Today you can visit what remains of the Roman fort and a world-class museum.

The site has a very different feel from the other archaeological sites along Hadrian’s wall. During its history, the fort has been demolished and completely rebuilt no fewer than nine times. Each re-build and each community have left their own distinctive mark on the landscape and the archaeology of the site. It was finally abandoned in the 9th century.

The Vindolanda site contains a museum that uses the latest interpretation techniques and displays to tell a very old story. The museum is constantly changing with artefacts added annually as a result of the ongoing excavation programme. It was extended in 2018 to include a Wooden Underworld gallery which houses a collection of 2,000-year-old wooden finds including a toilet seat and a toy sword.

Within the ruins there includes a large Pre-Hadrianic bathhouse and a beautifully preserved 3rd-century bathhouse. There are several commanding officer’s residences and barrack buildings plus a headquarters building. There is 3rd and 4th-century evidence of village houses, workshops, latrines and a Roman Celtic temple. Plus a post-Roman mausoleum and late Roman Christian church with replicas of a Roman temple and shop. Between April and September, the public can see excavation work being carried out in trenches.

Covid 19: Due to current restrictions not everything will be open, or it may be open differently to normal, at the attraction that you are visiting. Please consult their social media accounts, give them a call or visit their website if you can’t find the information you are looking for.

FAQ and Further Information Vindolanda

Address: Hexham NE47 7JN, Northumberland, England. Phone: 01434 344277

Category – Museum – Indoors and Outdoors – Suitable for all ages

Is there food and drink available?

There is a cafe serving hot and cold food and drinks. You are welcome to bring a picnic.

What are the main things to do?

Archaeological site of significant importance near Hadrian’s Wall with a world-class museum. There are toilets and a cafe

What are the ticket prices?

*Prices are subject to change and/or discounts online. *Mid-range. An adult ticket costs £8.25, children £5.

Is there parking?

There is a free car park.

When are they open?

Vindolanda is open for most of the year with around 6 weeks of closure at the start of the year. For up to date opening times please visit their website.

Dog friendly?

Only assistance dogs are permitted.

Are they accessible?


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