What to Pack for a Family Weekend Away | Oderase and Other Travel Essentials

My husband and I are both self-employed. We have pets at home that can’t often go with anyone to be looked after so we love our short breaks. It’s also a really great way to see lots of different places, usually packing as much as we can into 2 days and 2-3 nights. Over the years with a little one we have learnt what essentials we really need to take away with us for a weekend away. Today I am going to share with you just what we travel around with and what we really can’t be without.

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A lot of what we pack are the standard things that you should never leave home without. Such as clothes, shoes, toiletries (travel-sized) and always our sons favourite cuddly friends. But what else do we take that we really couldn’t do without?

Oderase fragrance-free air freshener

One thing we do differently while we are away than when we are at home is to share a bathroom. At home, we all have a toilet each. When we go away we like to take a great little compact air freshener with us called Oderase. It’s currently the only product of it’s kind to be a fragrance-free,
non-pressurised aerosol, odour eraser.

What to Pack for a Family Weekend Away | Oderase and Other Travel Essentials
Two spritzes and this little fella isn’t complaining about smells anymore

Just a couple of spritzes of Oderase and the bathroom of where we are staying smells fresh again. I don’t know about you but I am yet to find an air freshener that I like the smell of so to have the odour eliminated without leaving another smell behind is perfect for us. Living with two males it’s also a great addition around the house, especially in the bathroom. You probably get what I’m on about! Need I say no more! Oderase is so handy when you are in a confined space like a caravan. I am hypersensitive to smells and this product is so fantastic at eliminating any nasty odours. My son takes after me and loves to Spritz away.

Oderase has been approved by Allergy UK and the Good Housekeeping Institute. It is currently only available from Ocado. £4.99 for 100ml bottle. How does it work? Bad odour molecules in the air are quickly attracted to the Oderase molecules, which in turn capture the bad odours and erase them from the air.

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Smartphone and chargers

I don’t know about you but I have pretty much given up on our sat nav now. I am a massive fan of google maps and using google search to get us to our destination. I often like to have a sneak peak at a map before we leave home just to check the route is the best one for us but I honestly wouldn’t go anywhere new now without my smartphone. I also always have a charger that plugs into the car so that we never run out of battery for it. Plus I have a spare charger always packed in our weekend bag for using wherever we are staying.

If you’re taking any other devices don’t forget to take their chargers as well. We love to pack a power bank with us. So long as you have a USB to fit your device(s) with you you should be able to charge up pretty much anything.

Family Road Trip Essentials | Packing list for your car

Tablet / DVD Player

Is it just me or do kids get especially hyper when they get to wherever you are staying? The number of times I’ve had to tell our little one to stop jumping around. Plus there’s nothing worse than trying to unpack with a hyper child bouncing about. Because of this, the first items we always unpack are the tablet or DVD player. It gives us a few minutes of peace before we can all leave the room to explore.

Other handy items that you might not have thought of

  • Toddler Travel bed. A good travel bed is essential to ensure your toddler has a good nights sleep.
  • Wet wipes – you really never can have too many wet wipes. Our son is five and we are still using them just not very often on him anymore!
  • Re-Usable grocery bag – I always take the biggest re-usable/bag for life that I can find. It’s great for popping dirty laundry in and keeps it out of the bag when we pack to go home.
  • Snacks and drinks – You can never have too many things to eat and drink.
  • First aid kit – always essential for any holiday big or small, especially when you have kids
  • Sunscreen – I got fed up with the number of times I said “I wish we’d remembered the sunscreen so now I always have one in our bag spare for just in case”
  • Sunglasses – I have blue eyes so I’m rubbish at seeing properly when the sun is really bright. You never know when it will come out next!
  • Mini Travel guide for wherever you are visiting. Especially if you are having a weekend away in a town or City, or even overseas. I also often print out a few day out ideas before we leave with distances to travel and admission prices noted down.
  • If you are travelling overseas don’t forget insect repellent and after-bite.
  • Printout puzzles/colouring in/lists of things to spot etc.

What to Pack for a Family Weekend Away | Oderase and Other Travel Essentials

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What to Pack for a Family Weekend Away | Oderase and Other Travel Essentials

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  1. A few days away from the normal routine and surroundings. Chance to visit somewhere new.

  2. Just being able to have a total change of scene and relax without the stresses of a normal working week.

  3. Just being able to get totally away from it all. We also like parts of the country which have really poor mobile and internet signals, so it’s tech free time1

  4. Exploring new places, I love visiting different cities on weekends away to explore historical places

  5. Getting the chance to spend some family time together and enjoy some nice countryside walks.

  6. the break from routine, just doing things in the wrong order just because we want to just because we can

  7. Our weekends away are usually to go and visit family members, so it’s always good to go and see them and relax with them

  8. Waking up to a new view and a whole day with my partner, ready to explore or laze aro7nd enjoying each other’s company

  9. I love how weekends away are a change of scenery, and a chance to spend time with family and friends in a variety of ways. It’s a lovely chance to meet new people also and have new adventures!

  10. i love exploring new places getting away from the house and getting away from the housework!!!

  11. When you’re at home its easy to sit on your computer all day doing what really equates to nothing, but being away it puts the family together, normally in a spot with no wifi and means you get to spend time making memories

  12. Getting to spend quality family time together. With out the pressure of cooking, cleaning, ironing, homework etc.

  13. The best part about weekends away is exploring new places. We never go to the same place twice. So much to see and do.

  14. Reaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet with no interruptions from work, family or friends

  15. A weekend away gives me time away from all the problems at home and leaves me feeling more able to deal with them when I return! And also gives me a chance to see somewhere different and visit some interesting places xx

  16. My favourite thing about weekends away is exploring new places and finding out about the history about them.

  17. I love being away from home and feeling the need to do housework or be busy all the time and being able to relax, also love to see new places.

  18. different scenery ad a break from the normal boring stuff of life that normal catch up on at the weekend

  19. I love different scenery and different people. I live in a tiny town so it’s great to get out and into the real world occasionally

  20. Getting away from the usual routine, no school runs, no work, no housework and the rest. Spending quality time together in our own little world is so precious.

  21. I love that it is a chance to escape from the ordinary, explore new places and spend quality time together. It’s also short enough that you dont have to make lots of plans or organise too much.

  22. Just a break from the usual routine, it’s always fun to discover new places (and new shops!) I always look forward to a weekend away. They’re like mini holidays!

  23. I love the spontaneity, adventure, freedom just to live relax and have fun with the family x

  24. I love that it’s a change of scenery and something different from the day-to-day stuff you have to do at home.

  25. I get to have a break from my desk, get some exercise and most importantly I get to spend time with my other half! We really try to make plans at the weekend and to see friends and family.

  26. when ever i go away for a wekend its to visit my mum and i enjoy having a coffee and catchup when i see her

  27. I love being able to relax and not be thinking I should be doing something else like cleaning or tidying!

  28. I love the quality time with my boyfriend, away from the kids, just the two of us enjoying each others company!

  29. I used to love having time to wind down from the children /life. Not sure if I remember how to do that know as it’s over 10 years since it last happened

  30. Escaping all the mundane daily jobs! Cooking, cleaning, tidying, washing etc! And just having fun!

  31. This is such a great idea! l too live with a smelly man lol and our Cat well the smells she produces are worse than him!. She’s a house cat too so litter tray is my least favourite so this would be great as like you we do a couple of days getaways here and then too.

  32. I love not having the pressure to do chores or take the kids to one of their many clubs!

  33. We absolutely love weekends away, exploring new places, making memories and eating yummy food x

  34. It’s lovely to escape day to day life and the stresses by going away for a weekend to relax

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